22 Sep – Radio Jade / Grusewsky – Emden, DE

It’s easy to forget how, absent cell phones, navigation instantly snaps back into 1978. This isn’t to say we got *lost* while we were going to Emden – more like we took a 4 hour detour and ended up back in Bremen. It all started so innocently – Jason’s girlfriend Jen had just got into Bremen to tag along for the last week of the tour, so they took one car with Aviva, and Steve, Josh, and I took the other. We caravanned to a radio station about an hour and a half away and did a performance/interview with those guys (we also found out that Echo Bloom can squeeze into a space the size of an elevator and still be able to play). Got some lunch, had a generally wonderful time at the vintage guitar store nextdoor, and then split up to head to Emden. An hour and a half I had the sneaking suspicion we weren’t heading in the right direction, and after further reflection realized that we’d almost made it back to Bremen (and hour and a half going the wrong way).

So we white-knuckled it over to Emden, which is practically in Denmark, and made it in about half an hour before we needed to play. The venue owner was completely lovely and ran home to make us some food while we frantically setup. We ended up playing to a room filled with a mixture of old drunken sailors and college students. A bit of an off night, but the benefit of doing a long tour is that if one night isn’t fantastic, all you have to do is wait until the next.

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