21 Sep – Kulturambulanz – Bremen, DE / Katakomben – Achim, DE

This was one of our two gig days, which are particularly grueling. The day started very strangely at Kulturambulanz, which we learned was a performing arts space associated with a hospital in the Bremen area. The staff there were a little worked up about our sound level (which we thought QUITE moderate) so we eventually had to turn down nearly to the point of inaudibility. We played for a room filled with folks either visiting loved ones at the hospital or people who were guests at the hospital themselves. So while it was a supremely weird gig (I don’t think Jason was really even on) hopefully we brought some peace to some people. And there was a gigantic field of weird stone spheres that we got to play in.

Katakomben was that evening and a bar show. Drunk Germans are a lot more fun to play for than drunk Americans. Drunk Americans don’t really pay attention and talk the whole time, whereas drunk Germans are just a little punchier. The crowd was great (this was also the evening where I had a baked potato with fried potatoes as a garnish).


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